Material Culture Studies Bibliography

Edited by Dan Hicks, Lecturer & Curator in Archaeology, School of Archaeology & Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, and Mary C. Beaudry, Professor of Archaeology & Anthropology, Boston University

Douglass W. Bailey, San Francisco State University
Mary C. Beaudry, Boston University
Nicole Boivin, University of Oxford
Victor Buchli, University of London
Ian Cook, Exeter University
Zoe Crossland, Columbia University
Michael Dietler, Chicago University
Roland Fletcher, University of Sydney
Chris Fowler, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Rodney Harrison, The Open University
Lesley Head, University of Wollongong
Dan Hicks, University of Oxford
Steve Hinchliffe, The Open University
Kacy L. Hollenback, University of Arizona
Tatyana Hulme, Kyoto University
Andy Jones, Southampton University
Rosemary Joyce, University of California at Berkeley
Carl Knappett, University of Toronto
John Law, Lancaster University
Carl Lounsbury, College of William and Mary
Gavin Lucas, University of Iceland
Lesley McFadyen, University of Leicester
Lambros Malafouris, University of Cambridge
Hirokazu Miyazaki, Cornell University
Howard Morphy, Australian National University
Chandra Mukerji, University of California at San Diego
Peter Pels, University of Leiden
Andrew Pickering, University of Exeter
Joshua Pollard, Bristol University
Robert St George, University of Pennsylvania
Michael B. Schiffer, University of Arizona
Ann Stahl, University of Victoria
Divya Tolia-Kelly, Durham University
Nigel Thrift, Warwick University
Peter Tomkins, Catholic University of Leiden
Sarah Whatmore, University of Oxford

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