Disadvantage Of Internet Censorship Essay

Around the world, Internet censorship is growing. There has been significant growth in Internet censorship recently in the United States, India, Germany, Brazil, China, Iran, Ukraine, and Mexico. This means that during our lifetime, 6 out of 10 people worldwide have seen increased restrictions on Internet usage. In total, it is estimated that 80% of people worldwide do not have access to unrestricted Internet. Simply put, Internet censorship is a real issue that will affect you during your life.

Does Internet censorship really matter? What is to be gained or lost by having strict control over Internet usage? Lets take this into consideration as we review pros and cons associated with Internet censorship. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the best thing you can do is to continue reading and become better informed.

The Pros of Internet Censorship

1. Protects vulnerable populations.
Internet censorship has the strong ability to protect vulnerable populations from harm. Consider children for example. On a strictly regulated Internet, it is argued that child predation is lower, as well as the child’s ability to access confusing or inappropriate information for their age. In addition, it is argued that the mentally disabled, prison populations, and other special groups benefit from increased Internet censorship.

2. Decreases intellectual property theft.
A strong reasons why forms of Internet censorship is being pushed in developed countries is because it is seen as a type of intellectual property saver. With a free and open Internet, it is argued that stealing intellectual property is easier. By providing a certain degree of censorship, the government can protect the intellectual property rights of their companies against those both locally and abroad that would steal it.

The Cons of Internet Censorship

1. Limits the freedom of speech and the press.
It is argued that a government can only truly be fair if it is open and transparent. A lack of Internet censorship means that people can say whatever they like, including direct contradiction to the ruling government. When speech is limited, individual citizens lose their voice and it is more challenging to report what is going on. This makes it easier for a government to control the population and break its own laws. When the Internet is censored, advocates argue that every single person not in the government loses out. Where once there was a voice against oppression there is now nothing.

2. Dramatically reduces innovation and progress.
The Internet is a confluence of ideas, opinions, innovation, technologies, and logic. It is a breeding ground for good ideas, where people can learn about anything they imagine. The Internet represents one of the most powerful learning tools out there. When it is censored and controlled, there is an attempt to shape what the person thinks by limiting their access to certain information. This can dramatically reduce innovation and technological progress in the name of safeguarding something deemed more important. Whether this be a patent or a ruling government, censorship of the Internet means stagnation.

3. Constitutes a significant investment on the part of those controlling access.
If nothing else, consider the amount of money a government has to spend in order to limit and patrol its censorship of the Internet. Along with high costs to start, there is also the continued cost of tracking, prosecuting, and recording. Along with the cost of controlling access comes the cost of personal freedom. An individual who has the right to search the Internet unfiltered will lose that right if it becomes more censored. In addition, they may even lose their right to privacy, as a censored Internet also means and increased chance of being tracked by whomever is controlling the Internet.

When it comes to Internet censorship, there are a number of pros and cons. Those listed above represent just the tip of the iceberg however. As Internet censorship continues to be an issue both locally and abroad, it has never been more important to have your voice heard regarding this issue. Your liberties may be threatened, and the best thing you can do is to become a part of the process responsible for securing them.


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    Internet censorship is a contentious issue. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of internet censorship.

    List of Advantages of Internet Censorship

    1. Good for Underage Kids
    The biggest advantage of internet censorship is protecting the rights of minors. Kids are not considered matured enough to choose what they see or what kind of content they access. This is why television shows, movies and games are certified to find the appropriate audience. Kids get exposed to porn, violent videos and all kinds of unnerving content which are not only unpleasant but they can prove to be very discomforting and unsettling for a child’s psyche.

    2. Protecting the Rights of Women and Children
    Internet censorship aimed at protecting rights of women, children and animals has many advantages. Naming and shaming women, videos of kids being bullied, cruelty against animals and myriad types of real but gruesome contents are available and circulated online which are clearly unacceptable. There are also dedicated attempts to malign the reputations of people, most notably trying to embarrass women by sharing leaked photos and videos.

    3. Enhanced Cyber Security
    Internet censorship will help cyber security of a country. Law enforcement agencies will be able to keep an unfailing focus on everything that is happening and will be able to prevent crimes or stop them at various phases of development. Websites are banned, digital interfaces are taken down and criminal proceedings are executed against organizations misusing the internet but there are still fraud transactions, identity thefts and the huge deep dark web. Internet censorship may make the virtual world a safer place.

    4. Insulating Radical Notions
    From Arab Spring to the growth of ISIS, the internet has been used for many positive and negative objectives. Arab Spring may have appeared to be empowering but it lead a country to an unsparing mess. ISIS is growing even today and influencing people around the world. Radical notions cannot be thwarted with internet censorship but one can at least insulate them and prevent them from affecting or inspiring people around the world.

    List of Disadvantages of Internet Censorship

    1. Not Pragmatic
    The biggest problem with internet censorship is that it is perhaps impossible to do. Does anyone really know how to censor the internet in its totality? Banning a website is doable but it may crop up using another proxy server or domain name. You cannot block the whole galactic network unless you simply taken down the service providers.

    2. Violates Rights
    Internet censorship can be influenced. Truth may be kept away from the public. It can lead to propagandas serving special interests. In any case the government cannot decide or whoever the authority is as to what people want to read, watch or access, as long as it is not illegal.

    3. Bad for Economy
    Internet censorship may be bad for the economy. The government will have to spend much more. Businesses will have to bear the brunt of the fallout.

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