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CBSE teachers will be asked to give 'proof' to justify students' grades

By Neha Pushkarna

Published: 22:38 GMT, 14 October 2012 | Updated: 23:09 GMT, 15 October 2012

Simply assessing students won't be enough now. Teachers in CBSE schools will also have to present proof that their assessment is fair.

With students being evaluated on both scholastic and co-scholastic areas in classes IX and X as part of the continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE), the CBSE can now ask any school to furnish an 'evidence of assessment' in either of the two terms in a year.

While test papers and assignments are already proof enough for scholastic assessment, teachers will have to maintain proper records for co-scholastic areas too. This evidence, in the form of anecdotes or activities, should explain how a student has been graded on extra-curricular parameters such as life skills, attitude towards environment, and attitude towards peers.

Parents have welcomed the move, but some teachers believe it will simply create more work for them (file picture)

The CBSE's regional offices will select schools in every city that will have to provide evidence of assessment. Only half the schools in a city will be asked to come up with the evidence in one term.

"Schools are required to send evidence to the city coordinator or to the concerned regional officer. Not all schools are required to send their evidence in a term," a circular sent to all schools by the CBSE on October 11 stated.

"The regional officers have been instructed to select around 50 per cent schools each term for this purpose. The schools not selected in this term may be asked by the regional officer to send their evidence for the second term," the circular further stated.

According to the CBSE, the evidence may be demanded only at the end of term, but teachers will have to record them all year long. The CCE was introduced in CBSE schools in October 2009. It began with class IX students, who also became the first batch of class X in the following year who did not have to compulsorily sit for Board exam.

Their evaluation was instead based on a continuous evaluation of two years - classes IX and X - taking into account scholastic and non-scholastic areas. Hence, teachers were required not just to teach and conduct exams but to closely observe every student in the class and record their behaviour, relationship with friends, equation with teachers, knowledge about the country and performance in music, drama or sports.

"It's a much-needed step to make sure that the assessment done by teachers is unbiased. I always fear for my son's grades as he is quite outspoken. He picks up a fight easily but is still very helpful. I always doubt how his class teacher will take out time or will to understand his good and bad points," said Anjana Mehta, mother of a class X student from Pitampura.

Her son got a B1 grade in class IX which, she says, reminded her of his social science teacher.

"She was quite angry with my son once. He had argued with her when she was scolding a bunch of children involved in a scuffle," Mehta said.

Teachers, however, have been cribbing about an increased load of work. "Every time a class teacher sees a student helping a classmate, or other likewise things, we make a note of it in a file," a teacher from a south Delhi school said.

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It was the Sunday of the penultimate week of term 1 when the examination schedule arrived and noticing that we have a 2 day holiday post exams, was enough to lift our spirits after the 7 weeks of rigorous classes, assignments, quizzes and projects. Being the kind of travel enthusiast and an adventure junkie that I am, I immediately started planning a road trip.

Post extensive deliberations and discussions, “The Squad” decided that Agra was the best place to visit in this limited span of time.

Introducing the squad:



With the exams done and dusted, we nut heads, Chinmay, Rishi and I (Ashwin) were super pumped up for this trip. We got our bikes washed and fueled them up for the ride.

The Kickstart: Day 1: Saturday

We started our journey early in the morning at 6 AM and were greeted by foggy clouds, slight drizzle and curvy roads. As we cruised through the countryside with cool breeze caressing our bodies and ruffling our hair, a kind of indescribable euphoria took over.

The benefit of starting at 6 in the morning is that we covered good ground in no time and by the time we reached the National Highway, we were starving. After devouring a few parathas, we were on our way to our first major stop, Mathura, the birth place of ‘Lord Krishna’. We explored the town for a while and then made our way to Vrindavan to seek the Lord’s blessings. Following which, it was now time to head towards Agra and the gorgeous Yamuna Expressway, with its scenic beauty, embraced us with open arms.


Yamuna Expressway was a full-throttle adrenaline rush!!! Cruising at 120 KMPH and pushing our vehicles to their limits, it was an amazing feeling altogether. Post all that adventure, we stopped for our mandatory photo shoot and reached Agra at 2PM. Later in the evening, we explored the former capital of India gazed at the beauty of the TAJ in awe.

Day 2: Sunday – TAJ, definitely worth every superlative description out there

Being the early birds that we are, we visited Taj at 6AM and it was truly a feast for the eyes. After gazing endlessly upon the monument of love in a peaceful environment devoid of any noisy tourists, we started our journey to Fatehpur Sikri and reached there by 11 AM, visited all the historic monuments and by 3 PM we were back on the road.

Within a span of 48 hours, we covered a distance of 500 KMS and reached our campus safe and sound by 7 PM.

With this adventurous trip behind us, we realised that this was first official Bike Squad of Great Lakes. The three of us mutually agreed to carry forward this tradition of road trip whenever the opportunity presents itself and keep on adding more members to The Squad in the future.


Author: Ashwin AN

PGPM, Class of 2018, Great Lakes, Gurgaon



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