Benefits Of Homework To Students

5 Reasons Kids Need Homework and 5 Reasons They Don't

The benefits of homework has been debated by teachers and parents for years as the very word evokes very negative connotations to every involved, students, parents and teachers. Although many people think of homework as doing more harm than good by causing copious amounts of unnecessary stress to everyone, others believe that it has great advantages for children by encouraging them to think more independently outside the classroom.

The Benefits

The first benefit of homework is that it allows students and teachers to work more closely together. They can discuss their assignments or any problems that they are having with parts of their textbooks, before or after classes.

The second benefit is that it can bring families closer together as students may ask their parents or siblings for help on their homework. Not only will this help the students get a better understanding of their work with any parts they are stuck on, it will also allow parents to get more involved in their child's educational life.

Thirdly, doing homework will prepare students for the big end tests. If a child does poorly on an assignment then they will learn what is necessary to do well on the next test without being punished. It also provides students with the opportunity to practice at what it takes to be successful in school. Like they say, practice makes perfect.

Doing homework is also a great way to develop responsibilities. By being assigned work one day and knowing that it has to be done by the next day, they will develop a sense of punctuality by turning their work in on time.

And finally it allows parents to see how their children are being educated and they can develop a better idea of how they can help their child. However, some parents, students and even some teachers feel that after 7-8 hours of lessons in school, it is unfair to expect students to come home and work for another three hours.

The Potential Harm

The first reason that children should not be given homework is that they need time to relax and take their minds off work. The pressure of having to complete homework every night is quite daunting for most children and they need time to refresh their minds and bodies.

Secondly, it reduces the amount of time that children could be spending with their families. Family time is especially important to a growing child and without it social problems can crop up and a family unit can be compromised by a lack of time being spent together.

Thirdly, homework can cause conflict between children and parents when the parent wants to the child to do their homework but meets resistance from the student to do an overwhelming task.

Too much homework can encourage cheating because children end up copying off one another in an attempt to finish all their assignments. They then end up being rewarded for cheating which doesn't benefit them at all.

And finally, a lot of teachers don't often have the time to grade papers properly as they are too busy with designing lesson plans and consulting teaching resources in order to just manage lessons. So by the time students are getting their papers back, the class has moved on to a new topic.

Homework has been an essential part of academic life (for all those who have taken their education seriously, and those who were compelled to have a committed relationship with it) and is such an integral part of the education that many of us recall most of the nightmares pertaining to incomplete home assignments and bad grades in them.

Seems like we have grown up listening to the benefits of homework, but many of them can be easily disputed.

1. Homework Teaches Time Management

The fact that you get to know exactly how many seconds more would you need to procrastinate in order to finish your tasks at the eleventh hour is an amazing skill that homework teaches us. And that’s not the only use of it, it is such an important skill that it always helps later in life. You’ve got to catch a bus in five minutes? You would never make the mistake of leaving your place 6 minutes prior to it.

2. Homework Helps Teachers Determine the Level of Understanding of Students

It helps teachers understand which of the students in class have the most amazing understanding so to copy each other’s homework without the slightest change of punctuations even.

3. Homework is a Chance for Parents to Know What Their Child Is Doing at School

The brighter the grades the lesser the homework, since the parents perceive the kid would have done it if they’re out playing till late evening and that their child is some sort of super human to be managing it. Only the truth is revealed upon receiving the final report cards (if the child doesn’t freeze them).

4. Homework Teaches Independence

Homework teaches students the independence to carry out any prank in the name of science experiment. So now you know where all that super glue from garage had vanished and why was the fish was dead in the tank with purple colored water.

5. Homework Teaches Students the Importance of Doing Things When They Feel Otherwise

Who says slavery doesn’t prevail? Homework gives real life examples of it by making students do what they’d not do in their wildest dreams. Talk about the boring assignments and the piles of worksheets and see your child’s gait change into a feeble old man’s.

6. Homework Teaches Problem Solving Skills

The problems in their lives have been gigantic and all thanks to homework, now they know how to ask out the cutest girl in town and how to shop secretly from their father’s credit card. Those are real problems, but algebra hasn’t even found its own ‘x’.

7. Homework Educates Students on Setting Priorities

The students now know what has to be done and when; the list could include a gig first followed by binge eating all the snacks in pantry and few episodes on Netflix, and with the leftover energy they could have all the focus on the gravitational force in the space.

8. Homework Teaches Planning, Organization and Taking Action

The students learn through homework how to plan their vacations and where during their geography sessions, and about the chances of catching a flu to have a week off during their biology sessions. After that, all the plans and organization of tasks are according to their ideas and actions are taken in the quickest manner possible.

9. It is another Opportunity to Review Class Material

And have the inner voice speak to them ‘You’re a champ; you don’t need to learn it twice’.

10. Homework Inculcates a Sense of Responsibility in Students about Their Educational Process

Homework helps students understand how important it is for them to study but how much more important it is for them to follow their dreams at a tender age, and get sick of the studies already!

And it is then that these responsible young adults plan and carry out their goals in their creative manner!

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