Ap Literature Homework

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Homework-AP Lit

AP Lit
last night's homework

AP Literature

Wed, 2/1:Master Harold packet handed out and Readers Theatre packet (read and annotated in class). Tips on improving essays. Essay packet handed out. We read over the handouts on thesis statements and embedding quotes. In-class essay on the 2016 Q2 prompt (The Inheritance of Loss excerpt). 10 pts for this essay. hw for Fri: Read all of the play "Master Harold"...and the boys. 

Fri, 2/3: 2016 Practice test (NFG, possible extra credit). "Master Harold': entry slip, groups, parts, a little time to organize.hw for Mon: 1) Annotate all the background info in the Master Harold packet at the beginning of the packet up to the start of the play. 2) Practice your part. Try to work on understanding what tone to develop and when/why you need to shift tones. Monday will be a practice day. 

Mon, 2/6: Snow Day

Wed, 2/8: AP exam registration materials handed out. "Master Harold"...and the boys: study guide, discussion #1 questions, 40 mins rehearsal time, begin Readers Theatre.hw for Fri: prep your discussion questions (see handout) and work on your study guide. 

Fri, 2/10: Master Harold: Readers Theatre, small group discussion. hw for next week: Study Guide due Fri, 2/17

Mon, 2/13: 3rd quarter book assigned: your choice, book groups of at least two people, book must be "of literary merit", first reading day is Monday after break. Also, parent letters and field trip forms went home today. Please pay and return your form ASAP!hw for Wed: Field trip forms and $16 if possible. hw for Fri:Finish the MH study guide. 

Wed, 2/15: MH film + MH handout with what to study for the test. Reminder: AP exam registration closes Friday; Get your AP Lit field trip form signed and pay in the Business Office. hw for Fri: study for your test and finish the study guide (10 questions, respond in journal). 

Fri, 2/17: Q3 book assignment: reviewed the assignment and formed groups and books. Please finalize by Monday after break. Haster Harold essay and test. hw for Mon after break: Bring your Q3 independent novel for a reading day. 

Mon, 2/27: Q3 info sheet filled out then reading time; data recap sheet handed out for this Q3 book as well. Intro to next unit: Love, Relationships, and Gender Roles. Handouts: Unit Overview, Intro to Earnest packet, books handed out.hw for Wed: Annotate the intro packet, p. 1-4. 

Wed, 3/1:Intro to next unit: Love, Relationships, and Gender Roles. Handouts: Unit Overview, Intro to Earnest packet, books handed out. Epigrams & Bio; Comedy Vocab #1; and Act I in class. hw for Fri: Intro packet p. 1-4 - annotate. This info WILL be on the test. Read the handout Comedy Vocab list #2 both sides. 

Fri, 3/3: Q2 essay exploration: tip sheet, prompt & discussion, sample essays. Earnest Act II. hw: complete the short essay on gender roles based on the Earnest excerpt

Mon, 3/6: No school. Teacher work day. 

Wed, 3/8: We finished The Importance of Being Earnest today. 1) Peer feedback on the gender roles paper and then turned in for credit. 2) Humor vocab on irony reviewed and then humor list #3 reviewed. We finished listening to the play. Act III questions handout is not to be turned in but may help you study.   hw for Friday: Study for Friday's test on Earnest (see study guide doc on this website) and review your Question 2 tip sheet on how to write an analysis of an excerpt. Friday's essay will not be related to Earnest. Instead, it will be a Q2 style essay based on an excerpt (like the three prompts we've looked at during this unit: the excerpt from The Inheritance of Loss about the mountain/setting, the excerpt from "Cherry Bomb", and the Earnest gender roles paper you wrote for today.)

Fri, 3/10: Earnest test and Q2-style essay. hw for Mon: Prep for Book Club discussion #1 and complete the intro assignment for The Taming of the Shrew (on this website under documents).  hw for Wed: Read Acts I and II 

Wed, 3/15: Intro discussion (Shakespeare, themes); character map-making sense of who's who. Getting to know Kate, Bianca, and Petruchio.hw for Fri 3/17: meet at the bus turnaround at 9:05 hw for Mon 3/20: bring your book or Shrew for a reading day hw for Wed 3/22: finish the play

Fri, 3/17: Field trip! hw for Mon 3/20: bring your book or Shrew for a reading day hw for Wed 3/22: finish the play.

Mon, 3/20: Reading Day (book club book or Shrew) hw for Wed 3/22: finish the play.

Wed, 3/22: Warm up journal response: What did you think of Friday's play? Act V: Kate's final speech of submission (handout in groups). Started our movie adaptations. Per 1 chose "10 Things I Hate About You" and Per 3 chose "Kiss Me Kate" hw for Fri: read your book club book hw for Mon: prep for book club discussion #2 hw for next Wed: Review the play and complete your yellow data recap sheet in preparation for a Q3-style in-class essay on Shrew. 

Mon, 3/27: Book Club #2 

Wed, 3/29: Beloved books checked out. Essay prep day (see assignment on this website under documents for AP Lit-Shrew)

Fri, 3/31:In-class essay on The Taming of the Shrew. Beloved handouts: intro to the novel, character list and data recap sheet, syllabus/reading schedule

Mon, 4/3: No school hw for Wed: Follow the Beloved reading schedule and be ready for Wednesday's discussion. 

Wed, 4/5: Beloved: word whip & warmup: journal write about Morrison quote on history/learning from the past + question generation and discussion. Entry slip in journal (scene, character, Margaret Garner, and tree drawing). Handout on motifs and themes. Group discussion #1.hw for Fri: 1) Prep for beloved discussion #2 2) Morrison's commencement speech at Rutger's. Please follow the directions on the half sheet - you will need to annotate the speech as directed. hw for Mon: Prep for your final book club discussion

Fri, 4/7: Beloved p. 125-157: quick chat about the homework (Morrison speech). Extended entry slip. Notebook check 10 pts (prep for today's discussion). group discussion. Hw for Mon:Finish your book club book and prepare for your final discussion hw for Wed & Fri: Follow the Beloved reading schedule and complete the prep work in your notebooks. Go back and re-read the directions on the Beloved syllabus if you need a refresher on what exactly you need to do to prep. 

Mon, 4/10: Last book club discussion. Hw for Mon: Finish your book club book and prepare for your final discussion hw for Wed & Fri: Follow the Beloved reading schedule and complete the prep work in your notebooks. Go back and re-read the directions on the Beloved syllabus if you need a refresher on what exactly you need to do to prep. 

Wed, 4/12: Beloved entry slip, discussion, reading time. hw for Fri: Follow the Beloved reading schedule and complete the prep work in your notebooks. Go back and re-read the directions on the Beloved syllabus if you need a refresher on what exactly you need to do to prep. 

Fri, 4/14: Beloved discussion + critical essay assignment (under documents section of this website)hw for Monday after spring break: Bring your Beloved book for a reading day. You will have time to read Beloved and/or the critical essay that's due on Wednesday. Continue to follow the Beloved reading schedule. We will finish the novel after break. 

Mon, 4/24: Reading Day. Essay topics handed out and this week's work reviewed.Hw: follow the syllabus for Beloved and complete the reading "To Be Loved and Cry Shame"

Wed, 4/26: Beloved p. 236-309. Entry slip, critical essay jigsaw, discussion. Hw for Fri: Finish the novel and prep for discussion hw for Mon: complete the narrative analysis assignment (handed out on in class and also on this website). Be ready to write your Beloved essay in class on Monday. A list of 9 prompts was handed out in class.  

Fri, 4/28: Beloved ending. Entry slip, discussion, NY Times Review assignment. hw for Mon: Complete the narrative analysis assignment and submit that to turnitin.com before class on Monday. Also, review your essay choices for Beloved and be ready to write your essay on your selected prompt. 

Mon, 5/1: Beloved essay.  hw: review for the AP exam: study your poetry terms and review your data recap sheets. Please see me for any leftover handouts from the AP reviews. 

Wed, 5/3: AP exam

Fri, 5/5: Intro to the final unit, The Handmaid's Tale. Packet A handed out. Terms, Marxist Theoryhw:The Guardian article + assignment. Ok to hand write and turn in on Monday. 

Mon, 5/8: Characteristics of dystopian fiction. "Harrison Bergeron" + 5 questions to turnitin.comhw:"Harrison Bergeron" questions if you didn't finish in class. 

Wed, 5/10: Key terms PPT, categorizing activity, "Harrison B" film adaptation+application of terms, ch. 1 interrupted reading and audiobook. hw for Fri: The Handmaid's Tale (HT) ch. 1-6

Fri. 5/12: announcements - see Gade if interested in an extra credit opportunity connected to Handmaid's Tale and HTRL. HT: terms/quick review + Marxism; entry slip in journal/discussion norms. Women in Gilead worksheet. Ch. 1-6 Discussion (see handout) and scantron quiz.hw for Mon: Bring your book (HT) and the board game, Scrabble, if you have it. hw for Wed: HT ch. 7-17 hw for Fri:HT ch 18-23

Mon, 5/15: journal write and Scrabble: 1) What skills are required to play Scrabble? to win? 2) If written language were removed from your life, what else disappears by default? 3) What would you miss the most? What would have the most impact on your day-to-day life? hw for Wed: HT ch. 7-17 hw for Fri: HT ch. 18-23.  

Wed, 5/17:journal write and discussion: What is the difference between freedom and equality of privilege? Which is preferable in your opinion and why? Utopia/Dystopia handout; notecard passages + questions for discussion and questions to be thinking of heading into the next reading. hw for Fri:ch. 18-23

Fri, 5/19: field trip forms handed out for Tuesday 6th period with our guest speaker. The Handmaid's Tale ch. 18-23: women chart, Atwood research & Vanity Fair article on Nolite Te, chapter work in pairs (see document).hw for Mon: bring your book for a reading day. hw for Wed: ch. 24-30 hw for Fri: ch. 31-39

Mon, 5/22: (30-min classes): Reading Monday + intro chapter to guest speaker's bookhw for Wed: ch. 24-30 hw for Fri: ch. 31-39

Wed, 5/24:(60-min classes): Finished last Friday's passage/question sharing. Quiz in period 1 only. Both classes worked on ch. 24-30 questions for discussion. Responses turned in.hw for Fri: ch. 31-39. No school next Monday,hw for next Wed: finish the book. 

Fri, 5/26: Finished ch. 24-30 in groups. Ch. 31-39 extended entry slip (individual). Language in Gilead group discussion/notes turned in/get the handout if you were absent. Hw for Wed: Finish the book (stop at p. 295) hw for Fri:Read the Historical Notes p. 299-311. 

Mon, 5/29: Memorial Day - no school

Wed, 5/31: HT ch. 40-46. Quiz, extended entry slip. t-group discussion on the ending.hw for Fri: Read the Historical Notes chapter. 

Fri, 6/2: HT discussion questions, HTRL presentationsNo homework for Monday.hw for Wed: Annotate the critical essay you received in class. Complete item #1 while you read (highlight three to five passages). On Monday, you will have time in class to complete the reading due on Wednesday. 

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