Ap Frankenstein Essay Question

A man creates a creature, and then abandons him to a world that will judge him, spurn him, and despise him.



1. Romanticism Notes

1. Introduction to Romanticism Video
1.  Romantic Journal Entry and Gothic Journal Entry
2. Overview of Gothic Literature
2. Useful overview of Gothic Literature video
3. 55 Fiction
4.  Parental Responsibility
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
5. Prometheus–Myth, Poem, and Discussion Questions
6. Frankenstein questions for pp 1-18
7. Frankenstein Questions
 Chapters 1, 2, 3
8. Frankenstein Questions for chapters 4 & 5
9. Frankenstein Questions 
for chapters 6, 7, 8
10. Frankenstein Classwork Questions for chapters 9-12, with Noble Savage Reading
11. Blackout Poem
12. Frankenstein Question chapters 12-17
13. “Oh, the Irony!”–Frank Ques for chs 18-20
14. Chapter 24 Frankenstein 
15.  Frankenstein Study Guide–Short answer
16.  Scientific Debate Project


Frankenstein Essay Materials:
17.  Frankenstein Essay Questions
18. Frankenstein Essay Anchor Sets
20.  Video recorded reading of The Lorax.  British accent.


"Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay / To mould me man? Did I solicit thee / From darkness to promote me?"
                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Paradise Lost

Students will understand that...
  • When we don't take responsibility for our actions, we can impact others, possibly even on a global level.
  • Victor's lack of compassion for his creation causes the monster to seek revenge and cuts it off from any love or compassion it might have felt.
  • Scientific advancement can help us learn and prolong our lives, but when it clashes with moral issues and compromises our principles and our humanity, it is harmful.
  • This novel offers no answer to the question of the relationship between creator and creation; it can be a seen as metaphor for man's relationship to God, in which case, God is indifferent at best and cruel at worst. The novel does serve as a springboard to discuss such issues.
  • The relationship between nature and nurture is complex and remains the focus of debate as research shows both to be important in determining various aspects of humanity.
Essential Questions:
  • What consequences do we face when we don't take responsibility for our actions?
  • Can individuals transform society?
  • How can scientific advancement and exploration be both good and bad?
  • What happens when our ideals are realized?
  • What is the relationship between nature and nurture? Which is more important?
  • What is the tension between reason and intuition?
  • What is the ethical relationship between creator and creation?
  • In what ways can imagination and inspiration unleash the best and worst in man?
  • How do writers structure their work to reflect their message?
  • How is the feminist perspective demonstrated in Romanticism?

Reading Schedule

Fri 10/27- Intro&Let 1-4
Fri 11/3 - Chs 1-4
Fri 11/10- Chs 5-10
Fri 11/17 - Chs 11-16
Fri 11/24 - Chs 17-24

Proposed Assignment Due Dates - subject to change based upon instructor's whimsy and class assimilation of literary content  :-)

1. Primary Blog Post Intro and Letters 1-4 - by Friday 10/27

2. Primary Blog Post Chs 1-4 - by Monday 10/

3. Primary Blog Post Chs 5-10 - by Monday 10/

4.Frankenstein Background Project (Infographic) - Tues 10/

5. Primary Blog Post Chs 11-16 - by Monday 11/

6. Critical Essay Analysis # 1 (Turnitin 11:59pm) - Wednesday 11/9

7. Primary Blog Post Chs 17-24 -by  Wednesday 11

 -Secondary Blog Posts - by Sunday Night! 11/

8. Infographic "Take-Home Quizzes" - Friday 10/

. Formal Harkness Discussion - Friday 10/

10. Critical Essay Analysis # 2 (Turnitin 11:59pm) - Wednesday 11/

11. Harkness Listening Evaluation due in class - Mon 11/

12. Frankenstein Literature Review Paper (Turnitin 11:59pm) - Wednesday 11/

13. Frankenstein MWDS (Turnitin 11:59pm) - Sunday 11/

14. Frankenstein Dialectical Journals due - Monday 11/???

Daily Agenda

Mon 10-16-2017
     -"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" Introduction
     -Intro the Frankenstein page on www.ThatEnglishTeacher.com
     -HW: upload Ind Book MWDS to Turnitin.com
Tues 10-17-2017
     -"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" con't
Wed 10-18-2017
     -Intro to Romanticism
     -"Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions." - William Wordsworth
Thurs 10-19-2017
     -Intro to Romanticism
     -"The Raft of the Medusa"
Fri 10-20-2017
     -Intro to Romanticism
     -"The Raft of the Medusa" Painting Explication
     -HW: Typed Painting Explication due in class on Monday, 10/23
Mon 10-23-2017
     -Class Discussion: Romanticism and "The Raft of the Medusa"
     -HW: Read and annotate Wordsworth's poem, "The World is Too Much" and complete Romanticism Chart
​Tues 10-24-2017​
     -Romanticism and Raft
     -Wordsworth "The World"
     -Frankenstein Book Log
     -HW: begin reading Franky; review TPCASTT requirements;complete "Is It Romantic?" Chart on Wordsworth poem
Wed 10-25-2017
     -Group Discussion: Romanticism and :The World"
     -"The World" TPCASTT
     -Introduce future use of "Best of" Assignments
     -HW: read Franky; look for passages that typify "Authorial Intent"
Thurs 10-26-2017
     -"The World is Too Much" TPCASTT
     -Explication Assignment Overview
Fri 10-27-2017
     -Computer Lab
     -Franky Intro and Letters Primary Response due by Midnight
     -Explication of "The World is Too Much" Assignment Overview
1. Franky Primary Blog Responses due by Friday Midnight
2. Franky Secondary Blog Responses due by Sunday Midnight
3. "The World is Too Much" Explication due Monday in class (2 copies: one with your name in an MLA formatted heading and one with no name.
​4. "The World is Too Much" TPCASTT

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Strunk & White: The Elements of Style

->keep to the Frankenstein reading schedule
->as passages are introduced, prepare for MC  Quizzes and Timed Essays
->complete the Frankenstein Study Guide Questions
->complete  the Franky Mini-Research Project
->read through each of the resource links below
->read a critical essay of your choice related to Mary Shelley and/or Frankenstein and write a Critical Essay Analysis (2 essay analyses total)
->upon completion of both literary works, compose and write Literary Critique (5-10 pages)
->ONGOING-Vocabulary Take Home Quizzes due EVERY Wednesday

Downloadables and Resources

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