Problem Solving Essay On Global Warming

Causes, Effects, and Solutions of Global Warming Essay

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Abstract There needs to be a reduction if not extinction with the increasing amounts of carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), per-fluorocarbons (PFCs) and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere because it is directly affecting global warming. The combustion of fossil fuels and greenhouse emissions mainly contribute to the increase of these gases. The longer we go without solving this global problem the more conflicts we will have in the future. Although global warming does make the earth warmer there is more to worry about than heating to death. Major concerns revolve around effects on agriculture, water resources, ocean level and coastal regions, and disease. Many scientists and…show more content…

There needs to be a reduction if not an extinction with the increasing amounts of anthropogenic sources into the atmosphere because it is directly affecting global warming. The longer we go without solving this global problem the more conflicts we will have in the future.

To understand more about how increasing amounts of anthropogenic gases are mixing into our atmosphere is important to know their origin. The most common anthropogenic gas released into our atmosphere is carbon dioxide. It comes from a variety of sources, but mostly the combustion of any fossil fuel. “About three-quarters of anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide during the past twenty years is due to fossil fuel burning” (Harf, 147). During combustion, carbon in hydrocarbons is oxidized to carbon dioxide and released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is also released when solid waste and wood are burned, and from greenhouse emissions. The exact destination of carbon dioxide once released into the atmosphere is not well known, but the ocean absorbs some, some is used for plant life as growth, and a lot of it remains permanently in the atmosphere. “In the past century, atmospheric carbon dioxide has risen thirty percent. The concentrations of carbon dioxide are now higher than at any time over the past 420,000 years” and likely during the past twenty million years before carbon

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Global warming is one of the biggest threats to our planet and every thing lives on it. This essay will explain some problems caused by Global warming and then suggest some solutions.

Every one knows that the temperature of our planet is increasing because the different human activities and pollution. All that may cause many problems. The most to conceder is the increase of seawater level. Most of the coastal cities will be in danger and some countries may completely disappear. Al that because the increasing in temperature is going to melt the ice in the South and North Pole. Another problem is climate changing. Temperature changing will affect the climate in many ways. There will be more storms, floods and unusual rain seasons and some places is going to suffer from dryness.

Humans can do a lot to decreasing Global warming effect and save the planet. One way is by reduce using oil which produce a lot of carbon dioxide one of the green house gases and the main reason of global warming and depend more on the renewable energy like solar and wind energy. Another solution is to use less energy or electricity. By using less electricity, less oil and recourses are going to used and less carbon dioxide is produced.

In conclusion, Global warming can affect our earth seriously and changing the way we live. We have to take care of our earth, because we just have only one earth and there are no other places to go.

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