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Police Chief Cover Letter

Police Chiefs coordinate operations in police departments. Their main areas of responsibility are staffing, budgeting, operations management, and public relations. Essential work duties of a Police Chief are hiring officers, disciplining and appraising staff, overseeing payroll, assigning tasks, preparing budgets, allocating resources, organizing training, making purchases, taking part in larger cases, implementing strategies to combat local problems, and communicating to the public on behalf of the police department.

A well-written example cover letter for Police Chief should focus on the following skills and qualifications:

  • Training in public administration and criminal investigation
  • Police leadership
  • Managerial skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Budgeting skills
  • Organization and planning
  • Being able to work under pressure
  • Computer competences

Candidates interested in a Police Chief career can check comparable abilities and experience in the sample cover letter provided just below.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Police Chief Resume Samples.

Dear Mr. Jackson:

It is with great interest that I submit the enclosed resume in response to your search for a seasoned Police Chief to join the Birmingham Police Department. With more than 20 years of experience in public safety, crime prevention, officer training/management, and program leadership, I am confident I will make an immediate impact upon stepping into this position.

Throughout my professional life, I have leveraged my skills in investigation, patrol, administration, reporting, and community engagement to tackle crime reduction and case management. Having started my career as a Police Officer with the Cambridge Police Department, I quickly moved up the ranks through supervisory positions at the sergeant, lieutenant, and captain levels and acquired experience in departments such as crime, homicide, and narcotics. This progression culminated in my appointment as the Chief of Police for the Cambridge Police Department in 2011, reporting directly to the City Manager and operating under general guidance from the City Commission and Mayor. Furthermore, I possess a steadfast dedication to my work, devoting up to 14 hours a day to pursuing department excellence and remaining on call virtually 24 hours a day. Having now relocated to the Birmingham area, I am prepared to put my background, talents, and commitment to your department’s benefit as your next Police Chief.

Some highlights of my strengths and offerings include the following:

  • Targeted evolving priorities as Chief of Police—including violent crime and gun violence reduction, gang operations, community engagement/relations, officer recruitment and training, budgeting, and technology/equipment upgrades—while overseeing the Cambridge Police Department staffed by 28 employees and operating with an annual budget of ~$2.3M.
  • Oversaw operations encompassing Records/Evidence, Personnel and Human Resources, Research/Crime Analysis, Facilities Management, Criminal Investigations, Public Information, and Patrol Division.
  • Instituted professional performance and ethical standards while defining policies for inappropriate conduct and rolling out new policies focused on cultural sensitivity and awareness.
  • Founded Middlesex County’s M.A.D.D. chapter; reintroduced faltering D.A.R.E. program to achieve measurable improvements.
  • Strove to foster, maintain, and elevate relationships with the community.
  • Multilingual with fluency in Spanish and Italian.
  • Dual degrees in Public Administration and Justice Studies from Boston University.

I am confident my background as a highly experienced veteran law enforcement leader will be extremely beneficial to the Birmingham Police Department, and I look forward to leveraging my education and experience to ensure public safety within your jurisdiction. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration; I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Lorene B. Caddell

Police Officer Advice

Got what it takes to become a police officer? If you’re ready to join the force, you’ll need a cover letter to explain why you’re right for job, and our cover letter examples can show you how it’s done. Developed specifically for police officers, these cover letter examples include the type of language that you’ll need to advance your cause. Model your police officer cover letter after these examples, and take the next step toward getting in uniform faster!

Cover Letter Tips for Police Officer

Finding jobs as a Police Officer takes a blend of pounding the pavement and pounding the keyboard. In other words, you need to be tech-savvy and not afraid of good old-fashioned hard work. Here are a few tips about job-hunting in the modern landscape:

1. Assess your job skills. No matter what career level you’re at, evaluating your skills can help you look at a variety of jobs that are looking for your skill set. Various websites offer assessments on interests, skills and work values that can help you determine the best career for you.

2. Get networking. Your contacts can help you with your job search. Start with your friends, family and neighbors. Reach out to former classmates, professors or teachers. Connect with acquaintances, former managers or co-workers. One of your contacts may be able to help you with job search questions or give you a job lead.

3. Join professional organizations. Professional organizations with local chapters can help you in your job search. Some of the local chapters post openings for jobs in the area. Chapter members are more likely to know of upcoming job openings.

4. Browse online job banks. When it comes to job hunting, you need to cover all your bases. That includes browsing and subscribing to online job alerts. Also, you can post your cover letter to the online job bank. However, be careful to not post personal information like your social security number.

5. Attend job-hunting workshops. Public libraries often host job-hunting workshops, which include topics on cover letter help and interviewing skills.

Police Officer Job Seeking Tips

A successful job search begins with a winning cover letter. No matter the number of years of job experience or your career level, your cover letter plays an important role in finding jobs as a Police Officer. Follow these do’s and don’ts tips for a standout cover letter.

1. Format your cover letter with a bulleted style list. This type of formatting makes your cover letter easier to read.

2. Use a cover letter design that’s readable and distinctive. While it’s convenient to use cover letter templates from Microsoft Word, it will look similar to others applicants who are also using Microsoft Word templates.

3. Make sure to put your contact information, such as your e-mail address, city, state and phone number. However, be careful to not list any information that can be used for identity theft.

4. Create a “Summary of Qualifications” section in your cover letter. This helps to make an immediate impact at a glance.

5. List your accomplishments in addition to describing your job duties and responsibilities.

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