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Here is my trip report for Dubai where I stayed for 3 days between Aug25-28. Here you go!

Day 1(Aug 25) : Landed in Dubai around 7am in the morning, went through immigration quickly (opposite to what I thought, as there were many immigration officers serving), then greeted by an Arabian Adventure assistant who gave us his contact and all necessary information regarding hotel booking and Dubai. Took some snaps at Terminal 3, which is amazing. After a short while we were taken to the hotel. A small trouble occurred when we noticed we didn't collected our baby pushchair from baggage reclaim belt, so immediately after reaching hotel we went back to the airport, and after little wait found it and came back to the hotel. Our hotel was Admiral Plaza Hotel, which was good 3-star hotel.

After resting for couple of hours, went to Dubai Mall. Honestly, it was HUGE, although very beautiful and elegant. The Aquarium was nice, took soo many snaps almost on every floor :) There were guiding assistants almost everywhere in case someone got lost, although there were direction boards almost on every turn which was good. We found the prices of stuff there far higher then what we see in UK, so didn't do much shopping.

At 6.30pm we were booked for Burj Khalifa top, so we rushed to At the Top counter, and after short wait in the queue, we were in the amazing elevator which went to 124th floor very fast. Only thing look weird to me was the elevator size which was small, so people have to queue and wait to go up or come down. Anyway, the Burj Khalifa top view was can view miles from there. I saw Burj-al-arab, world islands, and fascinating view of Sheikh Zayed Road from there. Shortly the sun set and the lights were on, which multiplied the beautiful view. It was worth going there. Every corner you go will give different view of Dubai and it was soo beautiful. Stayed there for more than hour. Went striaght to Dubai Mall Food Court, had KFC which was good. You really need strong legs to walk in Dubai Mall, one have to walk alot, since its huge :)

After dinner, went out to the see the fountains show which was good. Took many snaps behind Burj Khalifa, Souk-al-bahar, and the Address hotel. The only difficulty standing outside was it was too humid and warm even in the night, which forcefully shortened our stay outdoor. After that took a taxi back to the hotel. I must say, the Taxi rank facility was amazing, and so was Taxis. They were extremely comfortable, air-conditioned, and metered. I really enjoyed taxi rides.

Day-2 (Aug 26): After having nice breakfast in Hotel, went straight to Mall of the Emirates. It was a nice, very beautiful mall, but much smaller as compared to Dubai Mall. The shops were almost same and so the prices. Saw Ski Dubai, didn't fancy going inside, took many snaps. Had Texas Chicken in lunch at the food court (as I like fried chicken very much). From there took a taxi to Palm Jumeirah monorail station as I decided to go to Palm Atlantis via monorail. The monorail was good and the views were amazing. The train was almost empty so we sat at the front to get best views.

After getting down at Aquaventure, walked to Palm Atlantis main entrance. The humidity was killing, but somehow get ourselves adjusted with it. Atlantis was good and the beach sunset looked beautiful. From there decided to go to Jumeirah Beach Walk, but unfortunately stuck in traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road, and it took almost an hour to get there. It came to my surprise that there were no lighting on the beach, and the beach was totally dark. I assumed

there will be lights on the beach if someone want a beach walk(as we have in Seaview, Karachi), but there wasnt. The hotels and building were nice though. Went back to hotel from there, and my friend took us for a treat at BBQ tonight buffet in Bur Dubai which was awesome.

Day-3 (Aug 27): Went to my family friends in Karama, and in afternoon went again to Dubai Mall on my wife wish :) Saw the leftover areas like the Waterfall and Dubai Ice Rink. Once again had many snaps, and spent couple of hours there. In evening, went to Jumeirah Public beach, and spent sometime in hot water :) From the beach it was a nice view of Burj-al-Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Went to hotel after that as we were too sweaty, had a bath and changed, went to Deira City Centre with my friend, and after that had a nice dinner in some Pakistani resturant near Dubai Creek (didnt remembered the name). Also stood for a while near Dubai Creek to see NBD building and twin towers. Came back to hotel earlier on cz we need to pack once again for our early morning onward flight to Karachi.

Overall, I found Dubai simply amazing, highly modern, and a must-see place. The roads were huge with people driving at high speed. Loved Sheikh Zayed Road, it was huge and lovely, I cant express in words! Weather was bit of a problem which made staying outside difficult for us, but apart from that we found our first time short stay nice and good. Honestly, Dubai is amazing and can't wait to come back (but in winter.. ha ha)

Also, many many thanks to tripadvisor users for providing tons of useful information which helped alot planning my stay....Thanks guys!

Thanks for reading folks


Image Credit: Chelsea P., Kannapolis, NC

With all the turmoil going on in the Middle East right now, not many people would want to visit. That’s when my mother told me she has planned a visit to Dubai, which is in the United Arab Emirates, I was apprehensive, yet very excited to visit a new place so far away. Dubai would be a four-day stop before a one-month trip to India, but nevertheless, I was ecstatic. Dubai is home to the tallest building and the biggest mall in the world, and some of the world’s richest people. Tourists from all over the world come to see the sights and experience a culture like never before. While I was there, I learned that Dubai’s crime rate is so low it is virtually zero. The laws and punishments are so strict that nobody would even think to commit a crime, knowing that they will not get away with it without a life of pain. People love this city so much that they will move here from another country, making 80% of Dubai’s population is immigrants.


On our first day, we visited the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, which on the inside includes a mosque, nightclub, and residential building. Standing at 2,716 feet, it breaks several records such as tallest freestanding structure in the world, highest occupied floor in the world, and highest observation deck in the world. After that we visited the Arabian Desert where we embarked on a desert safari, which led to an oasis filled with food, camels, and unique entertainment.

The next day, we visited the Palm Jumeirah, the worlds largest man made island. The island’s construction is made from all natural materials such as rock and imported Persian sand. All previous man-made islands have been made with steel and concrete, but the Prince of Dubai requested that they do otherwise to give the island a more natural look. The Island itself looks like a palm tree from above, with one main strip of land (the trunk) and 16 strips, 8 on each side come from the middle to make the island appear like a palm tree. The island is home to hundreds of extremely lavish, luxurious homes. Celebrities such as David Beckham and Brad Pitt even have homes here.
To add more on to the mass amounts of stuff to do here- Dubai is home to the world’s largest gold market. Just a short boat ride away from my hotel, my family and I spent the whole day excitingly roaming through the market shopping. As I spent my days enjoying the luxuries and pleasures of travel, I could not help but see the sadness in the eyes of many Dubaian workers.

Many people from poverty-stricken countries immigrate to Dubai in hopes for a better life-but it does not always work in a way that they planned. First off, Dubai is an absolute, illiberal monarchy: although it is only a small city that is a part of a small, fairly young country, the Sheik is a part of continuous and ancient line of succession. Many people who have moved there in hopes of supporting their families are often disappointed and their efforts to send resources to their needy families are usually frustrated. While Dubai allows foreign workers to immigrate for work, the emeriti government has strict policies that restrict these immigrates from bringing family with them. Employers provides their employees with housing and food, but these employees have to meet very strict financial requirement in order to become eligible to bring their families into Dubai. 99% of the land is owned by the Sheiks, and all business ownership endeavors must be in partnership with the Sheiks. In this way, the Sheiks have become extraordinarily wealthy.

Dubai is a beautiful country with world-renowned buildings and tourist attractions; but the tallest building in the world can also signify how large the gap is between the rich and the poor. In just 14 years, (1991-2005) Dubai transformed into one of the most richest cities from just an average desert town. All the lavishness in Dubai has its foundation in the hard work of the immigrants and workers who do not have the same social standing as the tourists who come to see the city.

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