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Case Study Research, a book by Peter Swanborn, a former chair of methodology at the Universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam, joins the collection of scholarly sources available to students, researchers and practitioners interested in doing case studies. The author situates the book within a general methodological framework, useful for graduate courses with a strong emphasis on quantitative research, mainly organizational science, information management, marketing, health sciences, and psychology. The book offers precise advice regarding the case study design, steps to be followed in conducting it, and a secure epistemological-methodological space in which appropriate strategies lead to solutions/answers.

Recommended APA Citation

Miskovic, M. (2011). Welcome (Back) to the Old World: A Review of Peter Swanborn's Case Study Research: What, Why and How?. The Qualitative Report, 16(2), 617-621. Retrieved from http://nsuworks.nova.edu/tqr/vol16/iss2/22

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