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One of the secrets of writing an excellent PR dissertation is choosing the right topic. And by right topic I mean the subject of your research that is not only time and industry relevant and so value-adding, but also one that you’re passionate about.

Over the last few years, quite a few students have contacted me, asking to give them some advice and guidance around ideas for public relations dissertation topics. And so to help you even more, I decided that in my role as your PR dissertation mentor, I should share some hot topics and potential PR dissertation research subjects to offer you some inspiration when you are planning your dissertation and pondering what the write about.

These are simply rough ideas that can serve you as guidance for your PR dissertation, but if you do decide to write about one of those topics, it’s important that you carefully research the opportunities behind it and ensure that you would actually enjoy writing about it. Because if you are not passionate or at least interested in this topic, you would be much less motivated to do the work. After all, a PR dissertation is a lot of work and time, so you better choose a topic that you are going to enjoy spending the next few months on.  

I constantly follow the news and read PR and digital blogs to make sure I stay up-to-date, so the below ideas are very much based on what I see happening in the industry and on the latest trends and issues affecting public relations in 2015.

You’ll see that the very first one is about social media and PR – the topic I wrote my dissertation on three years ago, but I believe it is still very much relevant. Social media has evolved rather scarily over just these three last years and there’s a need for constant research in this area, as PR professionals are still struggling with its adoption.

10 Public Relations Dissertation Topics:

  1. Social media’s impact on PR and how professionals are adopting and using social
  2. PR and inbound marketing: How can PR be inbound?
  3. The constant debate around PR’s definition: What is public relations?
  4. PR and the importance of internal communications and EGC (employee generated content)
  5. How the PR agency model is evolving and what the future for the business will look like
  6. How mobile is disrupting public relations
  7. PESO: integrated media for PR and the roles of paid, earned, owned and shared in the 21st century
  8. Public relations measurement and monitoring: How to prove PR ROI?
  9. The evolution of the PR professional: The shifting skillset required of today’s PR pros
  10. What is effective crisis and reputation management in the world of social and mobile?

I hope these ideas offer you some inspiration and guidance. What helped me back then when I was brainstorming what PR dissertation topic to choose, was creating a mindmap to visualise my central idea and the surrounding blocks and potential findings around it. Writing things down and putting them on actual paper (not Word) can be eye-opening. Maybe this would help you too, so why not give it a go?

Good luck and please do get in touch if you need any help.


Need a plan for your PR dissertation? Here’s a 10-step checklist to help you get started with your dissertation: 


15 Interesting Suggested Topics For A Research Paper In PR Management

Public relations is a subject of interest, not just to higher learning institutions but also to organizations across the world and so, when it comes to PR management, many things come to the fore and especially how the role of PR has helped shaped perceptual attitudes of the publics towards institutions of government and private sector. There is no stone left unturned in learning in as far as PR management is concerned in which case, the role of Public Relations in as far as communicating the roles of organizations such as social responsibilities is concerned is always a matter of urgency. Public relations officers have in many ways and always serve as the image of institutions for which they work and the manner in which they communicate such imagery has remained central focus. The tools of public relations as well as functions of PR have notwithstanding been given a major backing in instances where PR has achieved its role in the most effective way possible. Well, as a student of PR management, your aim will always be to go out there armed with the right knowledge for the practice but before this, practical knowledge to showcase your astute knowledge on the same is necessary and this is when you are required to do a research paper to prove so or otherwise. Often, you will start by crafting a good topic to warrant a study and as this article exemplifies hereafter, a good topic is not about sticking to the definition but rather taking a toll on its many functions and branches, so let’s take a dive in.

  • Corporate social responsibility has always received a major backing especially from among those which it seeks to help. In this regard, a good topic in this area can be something like, the role of CSR in community organization and development
  • Another good topic for research in PR management can be that which seeks to unearth the role of PR in crisis management
  • How has PR played significance in corporate image advertising?
  • A case study of PR management and its role in promoting organizational culture
  • Investigating the cause of misuse of media as a tool of PR
  • How has PR been used in many countries to promote government-investor relations?
  • Investigation the relationship between PR and Libel in communication law
  • Evaluation and measurement of PR management success in Technology
  • How has PR management helped promote success among junior employees and their bosses: A case study of a given company would do for a good term paper.

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