Rock Music Research Paper Topics

A List Of Cool Research Paper Ideas On Rock 'n' Roll And New Wave

The first thing that you will have to do when you are writing a research paper is decide on a topic that you will write about. You have to make sure that you develop a good topic that is not only relevant but is also interesting. You need it to be relevant because the main purpose for writing a paper is to learn more about a subject. It has to be interesting because it will be easier to pull your reader into your paper and make them want to read it. You have to do research on the topic so if it is interesting, this is much easier.

You can use the list of cool research paper topics on Rock ‘n’ Roll and New Wave below to write your paper on. It will ensure that you have chosen a good topic. Either use the exact topic or choose to modify it to make it more interesting. You can also use it to come up with ideas of your own.

  1. What caused the birth of Rock and Roll?
  2. What is Rock and Roll?
  3. Music in the 1960’s
  4. Effects on the music with the death of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison
  5. Decline of psychedelic music
  6. Rise of progressive rock and heavy metal
  7. Influence of television
  8. Influence of technology
  9. Internet and digital music
  10. Peer to peer file sharing

The most effective way of coming up with a topic for your paper is to think back through the lectures that you sat through, read through your notes, and look through the text book. Think about times when you were really interested in the topic that your teacher was discussing. Think about something that you read about that you remember vividly. These are the topics that you should write your paper on.

Choose a topic that you are really interested in learning about and write your paper on this. It will definitely make it more interesting to write and you will not get bored half way through and need to take more breaks to keep yourself focused. It is just an overall better way of coming up with a topic. Write your paper on something that moves you and on a topic that you want to write about.

Why shouldn't the Stones keep touring in their 70s?

Pinching musical phrases and stylistic approaches has always been a part of art making and can be a respectful exchange. But shallow, ill-informed appropriation only perpetuates tired stereotypes.

The famous feuding Gallagher brothers of the rock band Oasis illustrate what research shows: Kids who grow up in homes where there is domestic violence often grow up to have troubled relationships.

Was Elvis the 'king of cultural appropriation' or a tireless promoter of African-American music and culture?

Legendary is an overused adjective in popular culture, but Berry’s passing is a salutary reminder of what a giant in the field actually looked like.

Trump's divisiveness has seen him run up against a wide array of musicians calling for a halt to his use of the pop and rock tunes.

The Beatles have released their early recordings in mono and the Rolling Stones are soon to follow suit. Fans think they sound better.

The 'Jesus' controversy is often considered a watershed moment in the Beatles’s career. And yet it remains largely misunderstood.

Why are women still marginalised in the rock industry? There are many reasons - from a male dominated music canon to belittling attitudes - but women are speaking up and lobbying for change.

This big budget series about the rock business failed to connect with its market.

For those on Rolling Stone's list of 100 Greatest Artists, their life expectancy is on par with the people of Chad, the nation with the lowest life expectancy in the world.

How Bowie sprinkled stardust on the work of generations of musicians.

The icon has left so much of himself in popular culture, art and fashion.

Bowie's fast-moving and ground-breaking ideas about sexuality and gender allowed millions of young people to come to terms with their sense of difference.

A federal court is considering whether the Asian-American rock band has a First Amendment right to the name, despite a law prohibiting disparaging trademarks.

Parents and politicians once feared heavy metal music would inspire devil worship, reckless sex and rampant drug use. A new study investigates what became of young metal fans.

In the internet era, musical artists freely distribute their songs and encourage fans to attend live shows. The Dead did this for 40 years.

The unauthorised use of Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free World at Donald Trump’s presidential campaign launch raises several questions – and gives us something beautiful to ponder.

When bands "return to their roots," is it a genuine search, or a way to court critics and sell records?

The band's first US hit wasn't 'Satisfaction.' Released in March 1965, 'The Last Time' possessed stylistic flairs that would predict the band's future success.

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